Sunday, November 9, 2014

Forever may actually be a thing??

This poem goes by the name of " A Mouthful of Forevers, " by the one and only Clementine von Radics. Her writing knows just how to hit the spot and makes it hurt just enough.

Clementine seems to have a sense of realism in her idea of love. Which is something everyone should aspire to have. Maybe, "I am not the first person you loved," says just enough to make any reader want to continue down this path. 

"I think that has to be part of the miracle." Once love wasn't being hunted, it appeared. Love makes everyone think of forever, even if it isn't that long. Love is pain. Love is a mess. Love is everything. But it's never easy.

Yet, she lets the reader know that it is possible to heal. That even though love is messy and painful, it can still be beautiful and everything you've imagined. Affection, honesty, understanding. That's what this means to me. It's like that moment when you finally get to take that deep breathe or when you fall asleep easily. Finally finding that loved one. 

This poem was written with one goal. One sole purpose. I'm not Clementine von Radics, but I firmly believe that she wrote this to let us all know that to love, to be in love, is about accepting the good and bad days. To actually want to make it work. She shows how it's not just about those cute days, but about the days when you need someone and your loved one is there. It's about getting angry at someone and still loving them. It's not even about loving them, it's about actually liking them. 

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