Saturday, January 10, 2015

You Are Complete

This poem is by Michelle K, "You Are Not Locked." Another poet I found online. I read through quite a lot of her poetry before, but right now I picked this one. I feel that the message it has it extremely important and it shouldn't just be brushed aside.

Concepts. Those are quite the stuff. But the ones about finding your other half, and not being complete? I call bs. You don't need someone else to prove your value, your worth. You don't need someone else to give your life meaning. You do that all on your own. For yourself, with yourself, by yourself. 

Which brings me to also point out, that this doesn't mean to be alone and miserable, it just means know your worth. Basically that you were born complete, when you're with your significant other, it'll be two wholes together. So many concepts exist about finding the one, soul mates, your other half, etc etc etc.

Michelle expresses that you are your own person, and that she won't get sucked into believing she's nothing until she has a partner. 

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