Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Color of a Lifetime

The Color Purple by Alice Walker was exhausting to read. Which doesn't mean that I don't like it. I do like it, but reading what these women had to go through, oh no. I've watched movies that just drained me and this was about the same.

Anyone reading this could have a lot of things to say about the novel, but I want to focus on the unbreakable bond of sisters. Celie and Nettie, they prove that not even distance can destroy their connection. The circumstances they lived through were terrible, but they made it out. These girl were survivors. I hope girls/women read this and realize that it's okay to fight back.

Celie dealt with physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse. Of course, she wasn't the only one to deal with this, but it was her story. I feel like as a reader I learned so much in the 40 year time line of her life. She was willing to do anything for her sister, even put herself at risk, and that says a lot about her character.

Celie had to sacrifice a lot of her life, which led to her lacking an education and quite frankly it's rather obvious in her writing skills. Which takes me to a point in which I learned something. Something that I should have realized sooner, before reading this book. Even though, I do know that everyone has a story, I now also know that everyones story, regardless of age, gender, color, social status, has all the power in the world to be completely interesting and important.

Also, I was happy with the ending. Celie and Nettie were reunited and Celie got to meet her children. It wasn't an easy life, but Celie made it. She did.

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