Sunday, November 2, 2014

you you you

Ian Thomas is the author behind this poem. Ian Thomas is a great example of poetry and how it can mean something to many different people in many different ways. His work shows how a poem doesn't need to rhyme to be a poem. A poem is meaning. Words strung together that evoke so much.

Thomas just says so much in so little. Most of his poems are to a significant other, which most believe is the same person over and over again. The poem comes from the book, "I wrote this for you."

This poem is one of my favorites. Thomas talks about kissing and kissing can be utterly innocent. Something so innocent can occur anywhere at any given time. Think about it. Innocence has the power to end the world.

Kissing that one person you love so much has the power to end the world. It'll either explode with fireworks or explode you in general. A kiss can be fatal, because once it's done, it can't be taken back.

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