Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

The first time I encountered Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte was back in ninth grade. I had gotten it in a set with Romeo and Juliet, the only major difference being that I actually red Romeo and Juliet, unlike Wuthering Heights. The first time I gave it a try, I was really confused, I only made it a few chapters in. This time, I made it more than halfway, but didn't finish it. It wasn't an easy read for me and maybe one day i'll finish it. It was just so frustrating because I really wanted to get through this and I felt so ridiculous because I couldn't, 

I personally don't think it was the language that was difficult, but more so that it was difficult to follow. I constantly kept mixing up Nelly (the narrator) and Catherine. Then the farther I got into the book, I confused Catherine and her daughter, Catherine. See ! Hard to follow! During the time that I was reading, I kept on thinking of the phrase "All things are delicately interconnected," said by Jenny Holzer. I soon realized that everything and everyone was connected. Made it seem like everything happens for a reason.

I probably only realized that because I read some of it before. Literally everything that happened was full of people either connected by blood, law, marriage, cruel pasts and the search for revenge. It was all so overwhelming. Heathcliff, Catherine, Edgar Linton, Nelly, Lockwood, Catherine (daughter), Hareton, Linton Healthcliff, Hindley and much more.

But I feel that these are the most important, since everything revolves around them. Also, Nelly is immensely important, she's practically the only one who lived to tell the story of love and cruelty. 

I don't know if i'd give it another shot, since it frustrates me so much. But I also want to know what happens. It's just so ridiculous. Like doubles of people, history repeating and it was all such a huge mess. I don't know how I feel about this novel. 

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