Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dramatic Social Change

There are so many situations going on in this book that I could talk about, but I don't know If I can sit here and write about all of them. Especially when I have this one very specific thing that just makes me want to scream. Obviously, this will probably have something to do with love (probably the most common theme of my blog). 

The Age Of Innocence by Edith Wharton is great. Everyone read it and get frustrated. Please. Unlike the previous book I read, I felt that this one was rather easier to read. I felt anger reading this. If I would have gotten a copy of it and not online version, It would have been chucked against the wall!!! Newland Archer, Countess Ellen Olenska and May Welland.... WHY. Such anger for situations like these.

Basically, to make the story short, this was a typical love triangle set up in Old New York, with it's high class and ever changing social values. Archer and Welland were to be married, but once Olenska came in the picture(Wellands cousin), they fell in love. What. Okay. So, this practically screams forbidden love. So happy that it didn't end up like Romeo & Juliet. Situations like these are so frustrating. Archer was satisfied with Welland, she was enough to keep him content. Yet, when he met Olenska, she was everything. They were in love, but they couldn't be together. 

The way things played out, I couldn't blame Archer for wanting to be with the Countess. The countess was freedom, while Welland was conditioned and practically unable to think on her own. It's like living with a robot. Apply this to actual life and well.. It's really upsetting. To think that people do marry the wrong person and then meet the "one." How does someone deal with that.

This was a short rant. It was meant to be longer, but I can't just repeat myself over and over again. Something that was really upsetting was the ending. Archer didn't visit the countess and said he was content with the memories. He came to peace with it all. That was both upsetting and relieving 


  1. I read this book in the eight grade and I completely agree with your reaction! I thought it was the most boring book until I got towards the end. I raced through to see if he would go with the Countess but he picked the safe choice and stayed with May. I thought that was completely stupid because why pick safety and not love? During that time though, they didn't like love matches. The ending made me extremely upset as well, after finally being freed from marriage by May's death, he doesn't take the chance on being with the countess instead he walks away. I never thought of myself as a romantic but I would have put myself out on a limb to see if the one true love of my life would still accept me. His action offended me. It was a very upsetting book. Anyways its a great reaction, I love your commentary throughout the post, it was very engaging and quite funny loll.

  2. I just replied to your comment and now it's all gone... ugh. Okay well basically. I'm so glad that you agree with me. I know i'm not alone! I agree with you and think he was completely stupid in sticking with May instead of going for his one true love. Be a romantic, I encourage it haha.